Best Handicrafts in Udupi

1.Olu Glocal

we are Olu Glocal, your ultimate destination for authentic local products and exquisite handicrafts! Discover a world of cultural treasures at your fingertips. Immerse yourself in the vibrant tapestry of communities as you browse through our diverse collection. Each item tells a unique story, crafted with passion and love by skilled artisans from around the globe. From intricately carved wooden sculptures to handwoven textiles, we offer a curated selection that captures the essence of local traditions. Support sustainable practices and empower artisans by indulging in these one-of-a-kind creations. Experience the joy of owning a piece of art that embodies the rich heritage of different cultures. Start your journey with Olu Glocal and let the beauty of global craftsmanship enrich your life.

2. Olu Fresh

Welcome to Olu Fresh, your one-stop shop for both farm-fresh vegetables and stunning handicrafts! Experience the best of both worlds as you explore our diverse offerings. Savor the goodness of locally grown, organic vegetables, carefully selected to ensure premium quality and taste. In addition, immerse yourself in the world of artistic craftsmanship, with a range of exquisite handmade creations. From intricately woven baskets to beautifully painted pottery, our collection showcases the talent and creativity of artisans from around the world. Embrace a sustainable lifestyle by supporting local farmers and artisans while enjoying the beauty of fresh produce and unique handicrafts. Discover the perfect blend of nourishment and artistry at Olu Fresh. Start shopping today and elevate your home and dining experience with our exceptional offerings.

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