Diwali special diya made from cow dung with cotton wick (batti)



Lighting a cow dung diya using indigenous cow ghee has been practiced in India for centuries because of its religious importance and other recent scientifically proven benefits. Among many products, is the Indian traditional Diya or lamp that we light during festivals, every day in the morning and evening in our prayer room, and often also for decoration purpooses.These diyas have the power to cleanse the environment and the energies it emits can make a difference to your aura and mood too. These are really powerful tools in our hand, provided we accept and learn to include them in our day to day lives.These diya‘s are not only believed to fulfill the innermost desires of a person lightening them but also enhance the atmosphere by emitting large amounts of oxygen which takes place owing to the burning of the combination of cow dung and ghee.Before the age of fire crackers Diwali, the festival of lights was majorly celebrated by lighting these eco-friendly diya’s across India.Today the cow dung products are mainly lighted on auspicious occasions in the temples and at home in front of Tulsi (basil) plant as a mark of respect to nature and mother earth. The lighting of these diyas not only gives positive energy but also cleanses the atmosphere, and left by itself it decomposes itself and turns into organic manure without leaving any trace of carbon footprint at all!Considering its eco-friendliness many people still prefer to light a diya and show their responsiveness towards the environment.These diyas as they are made of cowdung, can be lighted only once. Because they burn entirely and leave a residue ash that you can put in plants as manure. These diyas are not like modern clay or terracotta diyas that you use multiple times, year after year.These diya’s are one time diyas offering one thousand benefits that you can find any other way. There are no essence, no shortcuts, no chemical alternatives and substitutes that can help you to attain the same benefits.These cow dung diyas are recommended for every home that seeks positive energy, thoughts, and good health.
Chemical free diya help to attract good energy and improves oxygen level in the environment
Spreads positive energy, mood, vibe, and health.

In and around Udupi-The product will be delivered within 5 days.

Outside Udupi-The product will be delivered within 7 days.

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