Exploring Udupi Cuisine: A Guide to the Best and Unique Dishes

Udupi ! Yes I am a coastal town in Karnataka, India known for my unique and flavorful cuisine. The town’s cuisine has a rich history, and it is a blend of traditional South Indian flavors and local ingredients. Here are some of the best and unique dishes that you must try when visiting me next time!!

Masala Dosa

Masala Dosa

Firstly, Masala Dosa, a popular South Indian dish, is a must-try . It is a crispy rice and lentil crepe filled with a spicy potato filling and served with coconut chutney and sambar. The combination of crispy crepe and spicy potato filling is a delight to the taste buds.

Let’s make Masala Dosa, the batter is first prepared by soaking rice and lentils separately for several hours. Take this soaked ingredients ground to a smooth paste and left to ferment overnight. let’s now take this fermented batter pour onto a hot griddle and spread into a thin, round shape. Yes ! the most important potato filling ,cook boiled potatoes with spices like cumin, mustard seeds, turmeric, and chili powder.

Neer Dosa

Neer Dosa

Another must-try dish is Neer Dosa, a delicate rice crepe that is soft, thin, and almost transparent, served with coconut chutney or a spicy chicken curry. The crepe’s light and delicate texture make it a perfect choice for breakfast or a light meal.

Just hungry…. Then try this quick recipe, making the Neer Dosa is straightforward. Grinding soaked rice into a smooth paste and thinning it out with water is the first step. Then spread thinly on a hot griddle, cook until it’s crispy. Ready to eat…



Basically Idli, a staple breakfast item is a South Indian cuisine, comprises steamed cakes made from a batter of fermented rice and lentils. It’s a light and easily digestible dish that health-conscious people love.

Making idli is relatively simple, but it’s a time-consuming process. The first step is soaking rice and lentils, grinding them into a smooth paste, and leaving the batter to ferment for several hours. Pour this batter into greased idli molds and steamed until the idli’s are soft and fluffy. Ahhhhhh…. I feel like having one from Mitra Samaj !!!!

Kotte Kadubu


Kotte Kadubu a traditional steamed rice cake that is a specialty of mine. People make it by grinding soaked rice and mixing it with grated coconut, jaggery, and cardamom. Then they place the batter in a conical-shaped banana leaf and steamed until cooked. It’s actually very tasty…..

Mangalore Buns


Lastly, Mangalore Buns are a popular breakfast item in Udupi. Make it from a fermented batter of mashed bananas, flour, sugar, and curd. You get a dough, leave it to ferment overnight, giving the buns a light and fluffy texture. The resulting buns are sweet, fluffy, and crispy on the outside. I could smell it’s fragrance everywhere thinking about now. In short, I want to eat this also…..

Udupi food Love

In conclusion, Udupi cuisine offers a range of unique and delicious dishes that are a blend of traditional South Indian flavors and local ingredients. From crispy Masala Dosa to delicate Neer Dosa, from spicy Kori Roti to sweet Mangalore Buns, there’s something for every palate in Udupi. Altogether make sure to try these must-try dishes and explore the rich and diverse culinary heritage of this beautiful town.

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