Carrot (500g)




Depending on the colour, size, and region of cultivation, this common and adaptable vegetable may taste a little bit different. Carrots’ sugar gives them a mildly sweet flavour, but they can also have an earthy or bitter taste. In addition to improving digestion, carrots can help with weight loss, intestinal regularity, and eye health. lowers blood pressure, improves skin, and strengthens immunity. Fights cholesterol and improves heart health. Carrots are healthy for your eyes, can reduce your risk of cancer, are good for your heart, and can strengthen your immune system. They can strengthen your bones, aid in the control of diabetes, and relieve constipation. Carrots can be used to make juice, sweets like halwa, carrot curry, carrot pickle, carrot salad, carrot gojju, soup, carrot rolls, baked carrot fries and many more delicious dishes.

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