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The inedible ladies’ finger is a vegetable that is green with a point at the end and a lighter green head. It has a gentle, slightly grassy flavour. Iron, folate, and vitamin K are all present in ladyfingers. These are regarded as some of the natural nutrients that could aid in the treatment of anaemia. The synthesis of haemoglobin, red blood cells, and blood coagulation may also be aided by it. All of these activities could guard against anaemia. The antioxidant properties of ladies’ finger may aid in the fight against weariness. It has antimicrobial properties and might have anti-tumor properties. It widens the urinary passageway and might lessen irritation. In addition to acting as a liver protector and aiding in bone protection, ladies’ fingers are useful in lowering fever. Ladies finger can be used to make dishes like  ladies finger fry ,ladies finger sabji, ladies finger pachadi, ladies finger curry and ladies finger gravy and many more delicious dishes.

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