Cucumber (500 g)




American Slicing is known to be being bitter, although most others are not. The most bitter cucumbers are often American slicing cucumbers. Cucumbers’ beta carotene and other antioxidants can help your body fight off free radicals, which are unpaired electrons that can harm cells and cause disease. Outside of your body, cucumbers may also offer health advantages. Applying them to your skin might reduce the discomfort, edoema, and damaged skin caused by a sunburn. Cucumbers contain a lot of water, which can help you stay hydrated. Furthermore, the fibre boost they provide you which keeps you regular and prevents constipation. The vitamin K keeps your bones healthy and aids in blood clotting. Vitamin A serves a variety of functions, including supporting immunological. Cucumber can be used to make the dishes like salads, pickles, sandwiches and  cucumber salsa.

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