Curry leaves (100 grams)




Curry leaves have a flavour akin to asafoetida, However, it also has a more herbal flavour that is reminiscent of basil or kaffir lime. They are used in many Indian recipes and have a flavour that is a little bit harsh and spicy. Antioxidants found in curry leaves may shield your body by lowering oxidative stress and scavenging free radicals. Curry leaves may have anticancer benefits, neuroprotective capabilities, and a reduction in heart disease risk factors. Curry leaves are abundant in potent plant components, which help regulate blood sugar, may be able to relieve pain, have anti-inflammatory effects, and have antibacterial capabilities. Curry leaves can be used to make chutney, curry, curry leaves rice, curry leaves juice and all vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes curry leaves can be used.

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