Mangalore Cucumber (sambar saute) (1 kg)




Mangalore cucumber is having a  small seeds  which are edible, but carry a bitter taste.. They are incredibly abundant in vitamins A, C, and E as well as antioxidants. They can lessen the risk of ocular macular degeneration. These seeds include antioxidants that help lower cancer risk and regulate blood cholesterol. In actuality, vitamin C increases immunity, which helps fight the flu and cold. Mangalore cucumbers are hydrating, anti-inflammatory, and beneficial for your skin, digestion, and blood sugar. They can also make your skin glow. Mangalore cucumber can be used to make Palya/ Sabzi, Mangalore cucumber sasme, Sambar, Mangalore cucumber Huli, Mangalore cucumber peel chutney, and many more  delicious dishes.

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