Ridge gourd (1 kg)




It is a green, fleshy vegetable with a really unappealing flavour. Ridge gourd helps with constipation, weight reduction, and vision. Additionally, it guards the liver and controls diabetes symptoms. Ridge gourd is beneficial for treating fungal infections, reducing body heat, and preventing seasonal allergies. It has a lot of beta-carotene, which is beneficial for improving vision. Ridge gourd juice can treat jaundice and fortify your body’s defences against infection. It is beneficial for skin care because its blood-purifying properties guarantee that you won’t develop zits or acne. Ridge gourd aids in the treatment of ulcers and indigestion. It is well known for acting as a cooling agent and helping to relieve burning while urinating. Ridge gourd is commonly used to prepare many regular dishes such as sabzi , stir fry,  sambhar, chutney and raitha.

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