Sweet lime (moosambi) (500 grams)




Sweet limes are exceptionally appetising when completely ripe, resembling limeade in a fruit, with a sweet flavour, strong lime aroma, and almost piney fragrance. Enhances the immune system, aids with digestion, combats dehydration, is excellent for the eyes, skin, and hair, promotes weight loss, and treats ulcers Excellent source of vitamin C, may aid with UTI, relieves nausea and vomiting, flushes out kidney stones, and may protect against bone health (urinary track infections). Enhances Iron Absorption, Improves Jaundice Healing, Supports Heart Health, Skin & Hair Health, and Stimulates Appetite. Sweet limes can be used to make juice, sweet lime cake, sweet lime soda, sweet lime bread and many more delicious dishes.

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