Drumstick (250 grams)




Due to the immature seeds inside, drumsticks have a flavour that is a little sweeter and somewhat reminiscent of asparagus with a tinge of green beans. The seeds are gritty, but the flesh is delicious. Drumsticks can be fried, cooked, or added to broth, stews, or soups. They can be used alone or in a curry dish along with other vegetables. Drumstick pods have a grassy, vegetal flavour with elements of sweetness and bitterness. The taste of the meat and seeds is sometimes compared to that of green beans and asparagus. Drumsticks are beneficial for diabetics since they lower blood sugar levels and improve digestion, blood purity, and immunity. Additionally, drumstick supports the development of stronger bones, prevents respiratory diseases, improves female sexual health, fosters clear vision, and improves skin health. Drumsticks are used to prepare curry, drumstick soup, drumstick paratha, drumstick bhaji and many more dishes.

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