Garlic (250 grams)




Raw garlic has a strong flavour and smell. However, the heat from simmering or roasting whole cloves changes the alliin into new, bigger molecules before they interact with the alliinase. A smooth, sweet, buttery flavour is imparted to the garlic by this new structure. The immune system in your body is strengthened by garlic. Cholesterol and High Blood Pressure are reduced . Garlic can help to protect against illness, including the common cold.  It also enhances sports performance and aids in cancer prevention. Heart disease risk is decreased. Bone health may be enhanced by garlic. Garlic can be used to make soups, garlic breads, garlic sauce, garlic butter and garlic rice. Garlic  can also be used to make noodles, garlic pickles, fries and pizzas. Garlic can also be used to make  both vegetarian and non vegetarian delicious dishes.

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