Ivy gourd (tondekayi) (1 kg)




Ivy gourds are related to cucumbers and have fruit that tastes somewhat like cucumbers. Traditional medicines for the efficient treatment of a number of illnesses and infections are made from the fruits of the ivy gourd. This climber’s leaves have antihistamine and mast cell stabilising effects, making them useful in the treatment of fever, bronchitis, jaundice, and osteoarthritis. Beta-carotene, which is abundant in ivy gourds, protects the heart’s proper performance and guards against heart diseases. Blood sugar, reduces obesity, protects the neurological system, boosts metabolism, and enhances digestion are all benefits of ivy gourd extract. In addition, it aids in the prevention of kidney stones, allergies, cancer, and heart disease.Ivy gourd can be used to make curry, sabji, stir fry, pickle and many more delicious dishes.

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