Ash gourd (Boodu kumbalakayi) (1 kg)




Because of its mild taste, which is similar to cucumber, ash gourds are frequently used in Chinese and Indian cuisine. Ash gourd is loaded with health advantages. It facilitates better digestion, may stop ulcers, and may reduce inflammation. It has antibacterial properties and contains the best vitamins for nourishing skin and hair. Additionally, it speeds up weight loss and benefits heart health. Ash gourd stimulates the respiratory system, detoxifies the kidneys, and improves digestion. In addition to hydrating the skin, ash gourd encourages hair growth and treats excessive dandruff. It treats joint ailments, combats jaundice, reduces fever, and controls thyroid. Ashgourd improves metabolism and successfully treats acidity. Ash gourd can be used to make delicious dishes like ashgourd raitha, ash gourd curry, ash gourd juice and also ashgourd halwa.

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